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Metal Detector for Food Industry

- Metal Detector for Food Industry

These metal detectors are used to detect metal particle such as Fe, Au, Cu, Stainless Steel, and from conveyed raw material on conveyor belt. The use of metal detectors are suitable for food industry. The metal detector's head is made from stainless steel, so the probe is tough, durable and waterproof.

Metal Detectors for Mining Industry

- Metal Detector for Mining Industry

These metal detectors are used to detect big size of metal particle such as Fe, Au, Cu, Stainless Steel from material such as rocks, gypsums, coal, clinker, etc. The metal detectors are used to prevent big metal contaminations from hitting customer's crusher. Thus the metals must be detected and removed before the incident happen.

Magnetic Belt Conveyor

- Material Handling Conveyor (Magnetic Belt)

These Magnetic belt conveyors are used in material handling system to hold and transfer cans, containers, or other products on the belt conveyor more efficiently and automatically.

Magnetic Roller

- Material Handling Conveyor (Magnetic Roller)

These Magnetic Roller helps saving time and labor in holding and transferring container lids. This magnet unit is most recommended for material handling conveyor systems for Can Industries.

Floater Magnet

- Material Handling (Floater Magnet)

This type of magnet is used for separating thin steel plate apart from each other.

Electro & Permanent Magnetic Chuck

- Material Handling (Permanent -Electro Magnetic Chuck)

This type of magnet exhibit very strong magnetic force to hold down workpiece for grinding application. Different models, Round and Rectangular Shape for both thin and thick workpiece are available.

Magform Magnet

- Material Handling (Magform Magnet)

This innovated magnet is used for precast concrete munufacturing application. The magform magnet is to provide easy and quick set up to hold into position and release position of formwork.

Magnetic Sweeper

- Tool (Magnetic Sweeper)

This magnetic tool is used for collecting nails, bolts, nuts and other ferrous scrap on the floor. Different magnetic sweeper models are available for different capacity lifting.

Gauss/ Tesla Meter

- Tool (Gauss / Tesla Meter with Probe)

This digital meter is used for testing surface flux value and polarity of the magnet. Small, light weight. Easy to carry.

Pole Identifier

- Tool (Pole Identifier)

This tool is cheap and easy for use to identify polarity of magnet. The accuracy is 100%. Consume very little battery. Durable and light in weight.

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