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Circular Electro Lifting Magnet

Circular Electro Lifting Magnet

- Circular Electro Lifting Magnet

This lifting magnet is used for transporting products, steel materials such as steel chips, steel scraps, slabs, ingots, steel plates and steel sheets.

There are 3 types available

1)ELMC - Normal Temp
2)ELMCH - High Temp
3)ELMCW - Diving

Custom mades electro magnets are available depending upon customer's request.

This electro lifting magnet is easy and speedy handling of solid and scraps. Compact and light weight. The lifting magnet is designed specially for heavy duty application. Easy operation which only single operator is required. Tough and durable structure. The lifting magnet is completely sealed with thermal conductive compound and protected terminal box. Heavy duty control panel.
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