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Circular Electro Lifting Magnet

- Circular Electro Lifting Magnet

These kinds of electro lifting magnets are used for ransporting steel products, steel materials, chips, scraps, slabs, ingot and sheets. Suitable for foundry industries and steel scrap yards.

Rectangular Electro Lifting Magnet

- Rectangular Electro Lifting Magnet

TThese kinds of electro lifting magnets are used for transporting steel products such as steel beams, ingots, steel plates, steel coil, steel bar and billets. Suitable for foundry industries.

Permanent Lifting Hoist Magnet

- Permanent Lifting Hoist Magnet

These kinds of permanent lifting hoist magnet or permanent magnetic lifter are suitable for such fields as machinery steel foundry, mould producing etc. It is convenient, high-efficiency, manpower saved, and high reliabilty

Palletizing Magnet

- Palletizing Magnet

These magnetic products provide innovative solutions to the industry that is interested in magnetically lifting, holding or transferring ferrous metal sheets and containers.

Pot Magnet

- Pot Magnet (with Handle are available)

This magnetic holder is used for holding application. Different types and grades of pot magnet are available depending upon customer's temperature and working condition requirement.

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