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Main Products

Magtoy (Magnetic Toy)

• Magnet (Permanent Magnet)
-Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB Magnet)
-Ferrite Magnet (Ceramic Magnet)
-Samarium Cobalt Magnet (SmCo Magnet)
-AlNiCo Magnet
-Magnetic Sheet & Magnetic Strip (Flexible Rubber Magnet)

• Lifting (Lifting Magnet)
-Circular Electro Lifting Magnet
-Rectangular Electro Lifting Magnet
-Permanent Magnetic Lifter (Lifting Hoist Magnet)
-Palletizing Magnet (Magnetic Palletizer)
-Pot Magnet (Magnetic Holder)

• Wet Separator (Magnetic Separator for Wet Application)
-Electro Ferro Filter Magnet (High Intensity Electro Magnet)
-Slip Magnetic Separator
-Magnetic Trap (Magnetic Filter)

• Dry Separator (Magnetic Separator for Dry Application)
-Overband Magnetic Separator
-Lifting Plate (Suspended Plate Magnet)
-Cascade Magnet (Magnetic Hump)
-Perma Plate Magnet (Permanent Magnetic Plate)
-Lattice Magnet with Housing (Magnetic Grate with Housing)
-Lattice Magnet (Grid Magnet)
-Magnetic Bar (Magnetic Rod)
-Magnetic Drum Separator
-Magnetic Head Pulley
-Pipe Magnet (Bullet Magnet)
-Super Duct Magnetic Separator
-Eddy Current Separator

• Magtool (Magnetic Tool)
-Metal Detector for Food Industry
-Metal Detector for Mining Industry
-Material Handling Conveyor (Magnetic Belt)
-Material Handling Conveyor (Magnetic Roller)
-Material Handling (Floater Magnet)
-Material Handling (Permanent and Electro Magnetic Chuck)
-Material Handling (Magform Magnet)
-Tool (Magnetic Sweeper)
-Tool (Gauss/ Tesla Meter with Probe)
-Tool (Pole Idenfifier)
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